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   Established Leadership Delivering Results for
   Our Community

My grandparents were farmers in Niagara­-on-­the-­Lake on Line 2, where my father grew up. I was born and raised in Niagara and graduated from Brock University, specializing in geography and urban planning. 


After graduation I moved away from Niagara and I worked in management and consultancy for scientific organizations in the government (eg Natural Resources Canada, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council), university (Faculty of Science University of Victoria) and association sector (Canadian Institute of Surveying and Mapping/Geomatics). I also ran my own geomatics consulting company so I have had experience in the private sector and I know what it is like to develop, grow and maintain a business. 


My daughter, Kelly, is a lawyer working in the human rights area. My son-in-law, Christian, is a manager working in the international development field. My step-daughter Claire and her husband Lawrence, along with step-son Neil and his wife Sonya, live in Victoria BC.

Council Achievements:

Council achievements are collaborative and everyone is involved in making it happen. However, there are some issues that certain Councillors are more involved with and/or spearhead for the whole Council. The ones that I was most involved with are:


On the environment:

  • Instrumental in developing the “Climate Change Adaptation Plan

  • Fostered increasing the tree canopy

  • and promoted effective stormwater management regulations

       In St. Davids:

  • Argued against the proposed traffic roundabout at York Rd and Four Mile Creek Rd

      In the dock area issues: 

  • Promoted for an effective solution to flooding,  parking and vehicle flow


Healthcare Infrastructure:

  • Motioned for the return of the Nurse Practitioner from the Niagara Health System for a walk-in clinic


Sustainable Tourism:

  • Strong proponent for, and advocated for the Municipal Accommodations Tax


Sustainable development: 

  • advocated for responsible development plans taking into account environmental concerns and our heritage


As a member of the Audit and Finance committee, I advocated for a fiscally responsible budget during Covid to ensure that the municipality continued to operate effectively

Advocated and fostered changed to the policy for Town Committees to make them more gender representative


Serving the Town:

Town Committees – member:

   • Agricultural Committee

   • Audit and Finance Committee

   • Community Wellness

   • Environmental Advisory Committee

   • Town Representative for  Music Niagara


Prior to serving as Town Councillor:

   • I fought to maintain our health infrastructure, specifically, to save the 

     Niagara-on-the-Lake hospital; 

   • I was awarded the Niagara-on-the-Lake volunteer recognition award for contributing to the protection of the       environment something that is extremely important to me

   • I advocated for an urban tree by-law on behalf of the Conservancy

   • I advocated to preserve agricultural lands and help our local farmers;

   • I fought the proposed reduction of polling stations for St. David and Queenston, as I saw this as anti-democratic

   • I was a member of the Region’s Smarter Niagara Steering Committee, which advised on enhancing, and protecting         the built and natural environment in the Region.

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