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Improve the health of our environment:
  • maintain the boundary of the greenbelt and protect agricultural land

  •  increase Niagara-on-the-Lake’s tree canopy, which is one of the

       lowest in the Region

  • ensure adequate green spaces in the urban environment

  • implement the NOTL Climate Change Adaptation Plan

  • develop a municipal natural assets management plan

  • ensure new infrastructure projects use engineering standards that address the increased climate parameters eg greater flood volume and culvert size  (upgrade infrastructure)

  • address the excessive diesel air pollution of parked idling buses (air pollution) 

  • green the municipal fleet (Green House Gas reduction)

  • create environmental policy based on evidence


Tiff Macklem, former Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada and Chair of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance said:

"Our environmental and economic aspirations need to become one and the same, because ultimately they are indivisible, … As the effects of climate change are becoming more evident around the world, we are also seeing shifts in consumer preferences, innovation, economic activity, competitive advantage and wealth creation”

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